Lori Campbell is one of the main characters in Freddy Vs. Jason. She is portrayed by Monica Keena.


Lori lived in Springwood, Ohio (In the same exact house, Nancy Thompson lived in) with her widow father as her mother died in a car accident. As Lori hasn't been dating anyone since Will was sent to the mental intitsution. Lori starts having nightmares after hearing one of the officers mention Freddy's name. After being renuited with he long, lost boyfriend, Will tells Lori saw Mr. Campbell murdering her mother. Lori volunteered to go into the dream world to save Jason and to bring Freddy into the real world. After being brought into a nightmare, Lori finds out that Freddy was the one that killed Lori's mother. Freddy attempts to rape Lori as he cuts her arms and chest. While, Will drags Lori's body across the burning floor, her arm in caught in fire which wakes her up, and able for her to bring Freddy into the real world. Lori stays to watch the fight, because she is not leaving until she sees Freddy dies. Lori then sets the dock on fire, and then beheads Freddy after saying something he said to her earlier in the film, "Welcome to my world, bitch".


  • Lori's names was inspired by Laurie Strode from the Halloween franchise and Cindy Campbell from the Scream franchise.
  • Lori was killed by Jason in the comic book sequel, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.
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