Freddy Krueger is one of the two antagonists in Freddy Vs. Jason. He is portrayed by Robert Englund, which is also Englund's last film playing Krueger.


Freddy vs JasonEdit

After being killed by his daughter in Freddy's Dead, Freddy is stuck in Hell as the parents of Springwood found a way to erase Freddy from existance. As Freddy finds Jason Voorhees in Hell as he disguises himself as Pamela Voorhees to convince Jason to rise up from the dead again and make people remember him so he can escape from Hell, as the plan is to make parents think that Freddy did it.

After Jason kills Trey, the police think Freddy did it and Lori Campbell hears them mention his name, giving him his dream powers back. But he can't kill them yet because he is not strong enough as he lets Jason have some "fun". As Freddy attacks Gibb in her dream, but she is killed by Jason before Freddy can finish her as he responds by screaming loudly, "She's mine". Freddy realizes that Jason won't stop as he possesses Freeburg and he tranqulizes Jason. In the dream world, Freddy tortures and tries to kill Jason, while he discovers Jason's fear of water, as he turns Jason into his child form and brings him into a nightmare on the day he drowned. As Lori tries to save Jason as Freddy tries to drown him, but Jason wakes up before Freddy can finish him off.

Freddy gets enraged and attacks Lori in a dream as it was revealed that Freddy killed Lori's mother. Freddy tries to rape Lori, but is pulled into the real world and fights his new enemy, Jason, as the fight leads to the Crystal Lake dock. Lori sets the dock on fire causing the propane tanks to explode. But both survive the explosion, as Freddy comes out of the lake with Jason's machete in his hand about to kill Lori and Will Rollins. But Jason stabs Freddy with Freddy's clawed glove as Freddy drops the machete and is beheaded by Lori. When Jason comes out of the lake with Freddy's severed head in his hand as Freddy's head winks at the camera, ending the film with his iconic, evil laugh.

Freddy vs Jason vs AshEdit

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